The IP Society of the University of Glasgow wants to provide IP students and everyone interested in topics concerning intellectual property and intellectual creations an open platform for a detailed and critical analysis of various topics of intellectual property.

wordleThose cover not only the field of creative production and innovative distribution of fine arts, music, literature, software and other works or inventions in the 21st century, but also brands and other areas of Intellectual Property and its legal as well as factual protection. Concerning these matters we facilitate interdisciplinary exchange and discussion on a regular basis, and serve not only the interest, but also the education of our members, guests and the public.

To that end, the IP Society hosts periodical talks and seminars given by its members and invited guest speakers on topics related to intellectual property, which should inform, provide the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and induce discussion. Such talks do not only cover legal, cultural or social topics as we are also eager to host talks providing background information for example on certain creative industries or technology. Examples for possible talks hosted by us could be ‘How could the manufacturing industry face emerging private 3D printing?’, ‘Are patents impeding the growth of developing countries?’ or ‘Can societies own culture and what is culture?’.

Furthermore the IP Society will use it’s website to capture the essence of those events and to publish blog posts on different IP issues. This will allow our members to present the results of their research and interested readers to get an insight to their work.

Moreover the IP Society serves as an alumni network for IP students of the University of Glasgow and a network of IP enthusiasts of all professions.